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Brit Care Hypolergenic There is no doubt that making feed with high quality ingredients guarantees high food tolerance and reduces the incidence of allergic reactions in dogs. That is why recommends the hypolergenic Brit Care feed, without grains and that contains all the nutritional elements that strengthen immunity, these contribute to a good general health of the dog and avoid serious diseases.

Feeding your pet with Brit care feed will improve and lengthen the life of your dog.

Hypolergenic Brit Care manufactures salmon as the only source of protein, it is a very appetizing and highly digestible source of protein.

? Balanced proteins and fats: With a grain-free formula with a balanced content of highly digestible proteins with fats and nutrients for muscle regeneration and proper maintenance of physical fitness.

? Bones and joints: Rich in chondroprotectors to protect strong and healthy joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments in good condition.

? Skin and coat conditions: Optimal levels of Omega-3 and fatty acids that protect the heart, favor healthy skin and shiny, thick hair.

? Cellular immunity: It is rich in Vitamin C, a great antioxidant, to increase protection and cellular immunity.