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I think Orijen for dogs at the best price

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Orijen I think for dogs is one of the best dog foods that you can find today in the market for pets. Thanks to its formula with 85% animal origin and 0% cereals, it is perfect for any breed and type of dog.

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Orijen feed is manufactured in Canada under strict controls to ensure that all of its first ingredients are premium quality animal protein.

As it does not contain cereals, it is especially indicated for dogs with some intolerance or allergy to cereals , considered and winner for several years as the best dog food.

This type of diet is studied and designed to meet the carnivorous needs of our dogs, since although they can eat anything, their ancestors have always been carnivorous by nature.

The advantages of an almost carnivorous diet for your dog have many benefits since we are providing all the nutrients and vitamins they need to have a balanced and healthy diet, giving our pet a healthier life as well.

Orijen dog food is made with meat from chicken, turkey, fish and eggs , where the freshness of the products and ingredients come first, being collected and processed daily from local farms, and the fish is caught and processed responsibly in Canadian waters. , complemented with vegetables and herbs, end up generating a tasty feed for any dog.

All the meat, although it is oriented to animal consumption, the quality of the ingredients, as well as the quality of the raw materials, has the degree of act for human consumption.

Each stage of our dog's life has different nutritional needs, the wide variety of Orijen dog food covers the needs of almost all dogs, whether they are puppies, adults or seniors and of any size small, medium or large.