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Ownat is Cotecnica's new totally natural feed brand. At Ownat, our passion for animals has allowed us to develop a diet that benefits their health and well-being.

Cotecnica petfood changes its Brand to Ownat , its entire product range, changing its formulations with more fresh meat and a more Natural image.

Its Cotecnica Optima range is now called Ownat Classic , with a higher percentage of fresh meat 10% and proximity, suitable for human consumption, providing our pets with proteins of maximum nutritional value. No preservatives, colors or artificial additives.

Its Cotecnica Maxima range is now called Ownat Ultra , these recipes are made with 30% fresh chicken and turkey meat, cooking it with care as you would in your own home, cooking very slowly and at a low temperature all the ingredients to respect the quality of the original nutrients, as well as an exceptional flavor and appetite.

All these Ownat Ultras recipes are low grain , this makes it an easily digestible food as it does not contain grains such as corn, wheat or soy. Only rice and barley, always whole, in reduced proportions.

Its Cotecnica Maxima Grain Free range is now called Ownat Grain Free.

This is a Natural diet adapted to your body, without any added cereal, reducing the risks of allergies and intolerances.

In Ownat Grain Free feed, all the ingredients are natural and fresh with all their nutritional value intact.

Ownat Grain Free with has a high protein content, all dogs as carnivores, need high levels of protein that provide all the essential amino acids essential for the functioning of the body.

Ownat Grain Free, as it does not contain cereals, is very low in carbohydrates and perfectly cooked to facilitate proper digestion.