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Nature's Variety Instinct I think for cats , provide a nutritional variety of the most complete and balanced on the market, its nutritional formulas are inspired by the most natural ancestral diet of cats.

The definitive food for your cat is here, the new Instinct High Meat feed with fresh boneless chicken and selected birds, taking it up to 75% meat , for a more palatable and easily digestible food, without grains , its main source of hydrate is the potato and the pea , which improves the glycemic index that helps regulate blood glucose levels and a supply of vegetables and fruits , also combines a variety of natural plants that give it a plus of differentiation with other products of the same range .

You can also find in MascotaPlanet in the variety of food for cats of the American brand Instinct the True Instinct Original , this food combines a unique, complete and balanced source of natural ingredients, with 55% fresh meat, which provides a high quality protein for good digestion.

Find in MascotaPlanet the Instinct cat food that best suits your cat's needs.