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One of the most frequent tasks when we have a dog is to take it for a walk. Therefore, it is very important to choose a dog leash that perfectly suits our needs and that of our pet.

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At Mascota Planet we offer you an extensive catalog of dog leashes so that you can choose the best option. Among all the items, you will find the classic metal straps, the elegant and durable leather straps or nylon straps in a variety of colors and easy to wash. And for those who seek maximum comfort when walking and do not want to limit themselves to a fixed length on the leash, nothing better than buying an extendable leash . These leashes for dogs allow us to choose the distance at which we want our dog to walk and, as its name says, extensible.

Choose from all the options the one that interests you the most and enjoy pleasant walks with your friend. There is a wide variety of models, colors and designs .