Measurement for turtles

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For the correct maintenance of the temperature in the terrariums of our turtles, we have the best articles and accessories to reach the ideal temperature that our turtles need.

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It is essential that the terrarium of our turtle obtains the necessary temperature in each season of the year, and to obtain this ideal thermal point, we have an extensive catalog with the best brands and a wide variety of different products to raise the temperature and regulate it.

Not only will it be necessary to obtain the ideal temperature for each turtle in each season of the year, but we will also need this temperature to vary or be constant, according to needs, for this we must have temperature indicators , such as thermometers or weather stations that facilitate the take care of our beloved tortoise.

The optimal temperature can be reached by means of light bulbs , heaters , cables , even heating stones or thermal blankets that we place under the substrate of the terrarium.

Humidity is also an important level to take into account regarding the temperature in the terrarium, and its control is also a factor to take into account, depending on the species of turtle that we have as a pet. For this we will have a hygrometer .