What is the point redemption system?

Petplanet.com wants to thank the loyalty of our customers with the points system for purchases in our online pet store.

With this exchange system Petplanet.com allows your customers to accumulate points for each purchase made that you can exchange for discount euros on future purchases.

How does it work?

When an order is placed, the total amount* of the order will be used to calculate the number of points earned. These points are added to your Purchase Points account as points pending confirmation/approval.

All your pending points are shown in your Purchase Points Account and will be there until they are confirmed/approved by Pet< /span>planet.com.

Once your pending points have been approved, they will be added to your account with the value of these points, ready to be redeemed for whatever you want.

The redemption of points expires 12 months after earning them. During this time they can be accumulated until you decide to use them. To see the status and total amount of accumulated points you must access your account.

During the ordering process, you will be able to pay for your order with the accumulated points.

Points and values

Currently, for every euro spent on PetPlanet.com you will get 12 points . When redeeming them, every 400 points will be converted into one euro

For example:

  • - Order Amount*: €100.00
  • - Scored points: 1200
  • - Discount euros obtained: €3

It is important to note that MascotaPlanet.com reserves the right to make changes to the indicated percentage without prior notice. The equivalence of points shown above is the current one at this time.

How are points redeemed for purchases?

If you have points available in your Purchase Points account, you can use them to pay for purchases made at Pet Planet.com. During the order confirmation process, on the same page where you select the payment method, a space will be displayed where you can enter the number of points you wish to redeem. Type in the number of points you want to spend, or check the field to redeem all of your available points.

It is important to note that you may need to select another payment method if you do not have enough points to offset the purchase amount.

Once you go to the order confirmation page, you will be informed of the number of points that have been generated by the purchase. Once the order is confirmed, your Purchase Points account will be updated and the points used will be deducted from your account.

Note: Any purchase made with points will give additional Purchase Points ONLY for the part of the amount that was NOT paid with points.

Minimum quantity required

Currently, a minimum amount of 2000 points (€5) is required before you can redeem them.

Minimum purchase quantity required

Currently, a minimum amount of €40 per purchase is required before points can be used for discounts.

Maximum number of points redeemed per purchase

A maximum of 100,000 points (€250) is allowed to redeem per order.

Do you get points for shipping costs?

No. In the calculation of points earned, shipping costs are excluded.

Do you get points for the taxes on the order?

No. In the calculation of points earned, taxes are excluded.

Do you get points for discounted or sale products?

No. In the calculation of points obtained, products that are discounted, on promotion or on sale are excluded.

Are points earned for purchases paid for with points?

Yes. In the calculation of points earned, points are also accumulated for purchases made with the redemption of points, although only the proportional part not paid with points.

Terms of use

  • - Discount Points are only available to customers registered at MascotaPlanet.com.
  • - Discount Points are earned and applied only on purchases made through www.MascotaPlanet.com and must be validated by MascotaPlanet.com.
  • - Discount Points cannot be redeemed or transferred between customers.
  • - Discount Points cannot be exchanged for money under any circumstances.
  • - Discount Points are not accumulated on canceled or canceled purchases.
  • - When you make purchases with Discount Points, you can also select another payment method if you do not have enough Discount Points to offset the cost of your purchase.
  • - When calculating the number of points to accumulate, shipping costs and taxes are excluded from the calculation.
  • - VIP and Platinum users will not generate points while they are in that situation, although they may use those previously generated

For any other questions or queries about how the Discount Points Program works, please contact MascotaPlanet.com.

The shipping costs and taxes of the order are excluded in the accumulation of points. Consult this Points Redemption System Help for more information MascotaPlanet.com reserves the right to make changes to these rules at any time without prior notice.