At Mascota Planet we have created a recurring purchase service so that don't have to remember when you need food for your pet. With the Recurring Purchase Service you can activate and decide when you would like your pet's food to arrive directly at your home. No hassles or worries. In addition, with a 5% discount and no minimum order when activating the recurring purchase

Step 1. Choose your products.

Add the products to the shopping cart as a normal purchase. Access the shopping cart, check that the products are correct and finalize the purchase.

Step 2. Schedule recurring delivery.

Select the recurring purchase option and set a date for the products to arrive. Choose the payment method and complete the purchase as usual.

Step 3. Save without worries!

You no longer have to worry about placing an order every time your pet's food or other products run out. You have a 5% discount when you activate this option. Sit on the sofa and wait for your orders without hassles!

How can I activate Recurring Purchase?

To convert the current order to a recurring purchase, just follow these steps:

1. accesse with your username and password to your account and log in. In the Order History and Details section you can see all the orders as well as the information of each of them.

2. Access the order you want to convert into a recurring purchase.

3. Select the scheduled purchase option.

4. Configure the scheduled purchase options and finish.

The date of purchase will be the date on which the first order will be placed. The successive times, the order will be made automatically in the established time.

If you want to pause or cancel the recurring purchase, you can do so at any time from My Account.

What are the advantages of the Planet Pet Recurring Purchase?

With the recurring purchase of Pet Planet you won't have to worry about ordering food and other items for your pet. They will arrive in a timely manner when you need it, without worrying about anything. But it also has the following advantages:

· 5% discount on recurring purchases.

· No minimum order.

· Only valid for Peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands.

· Can be canceled at any time.

· You can modify the order and add or remove products whenever you want.

What payment methods can I use for Recurring Purchase?

The recurring purchase can be paid by bank transfer, credit or debit card, Amazon Pay or Paypal. You can change the payment method at any time from the Recurring Purchase section. You can consult other options in the section of Payment Methods.

What shipping costs apply for the Recurring Purchase of Pet Planet?

Shipping to Peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands has free shipping costs if the purchase exceeds €39. You will find more details in the Submissions Section.

Is there a minimum order in the Recurring Purchase of Pet Planet?

No, Pet Planet's recurring purchase does not have a minimum order.

How can I add products to the Recurring Purchase?

You can adapt the recurring purchase to your needs at any time. Access the recurring purchase section and modify the products, the purchase interval or period, the order date, the shipping address, the billing address or the payment method.

To modify all this:

· Access the Recurring Purchase section.

· Choose the recurring purchase you want to modify and make the changes you want.

· Save changes.

What happens if the shipping day is a holiday or weekend?

In this case, the delivery date is automatically adapted for this shipment.

Will you inform me before sending my next Recurring Purchase?

Yes, an email is always sent with your next recurring purchase so you can finalize that purchase.

Can I modify my Recurring Purchase before it is shipped?

Yes, before finalizing your recurring purchase you can modify it.

What happens if an item from my Recurring Purchase is not available?

If a Recurring purchase item is not available, we will contact you to inform you and proceed to modify said product.

How can I contact Mascota Planet in case of doubt?

You can access the Contact to contact you contact with Mascota Planet Customer Service.

Where can I check the general terms and conditions of the Recurring Purchase?

You can find it at the following link Terms and conditions.