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Hill's Prescription diet products for cats , which is a line of therapeutic foods clinically proven to help control the most important health problems in pets.

Hill's Prescription Diet for cats has a wide variety of clinically proven therapeutic foods that can help manage your health problem. A wide range of clinically proven nutritional solutions.

The Prescription Diet range of feed is made up of delicious dry and wet canned feed or in Puchs that help manage various diseases, such as joint, kidney, urinary, dermatological, mobility, gastrointestinal or obesity problems.

Clinical Nutrition based on evidence

At Hill's we continually work to improve our products. We apply Evidence-Based Clinical Nutrition, which combines the latest scientific advances and clinical experience, to develop foods that help alleviate health problems in pets.

Committed to veterinarians

Hill's is on a mission to help enrich and prolong the relationships that bind people and their companion animals, and it does so through the important relationship that is established between owners, their pets and their veterinarians.

Exclusively in veterinary clinics

Hill's Prescription Diet foods are therapeutic cat foods and therefore can only be prescribed by veterinarians. Prescription Diet foods are the #1 choice of veterinarians worldwide for the management of animals with health problems.

If your cat is sick, ask your veterinarian about Prescription Diet products: they will recommend the product that best helps control your pet's problem.

Hill's Science Plan has 100% what pets need and 0% what they don't. And with a flavor that they love.

Hill's Science Plan foods are available at veterinary clinics and specialty stores.

You can also find specific feed for cats with nutritional needs, such as sterilized cats, cats with kidney problems, cats with diabetes, cats with gastro-intestinal problems or skin and hair problems, etc...