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You have all the products for the hygiene of your pet in your online pet store : Pet Planet. You can give your dog a relaxing bath with a shampoo, or take care of his hair with a conditioner for dogs , always taking care of his skin and providing him with the necessary hygiene to be at home.

The catalog of drugstore products for dogs is completed with a bath set, bathrobe for dogs , shampoos for frequent use to take care of the animal's hair and protect its skin, bath products for dogs with dermatitis and a long etcetera.

You will find everything you are looking for to wash your dog's hair here, from shampoos to strengthen the color and hair of your pet to anti-odour shampoos. Browse through the entire assortment of dog shampoos that we offer you and find what you need. There are special products for some breeds, such as Chihuahua shampoo or Yorkshire shampoo.