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From this corner of treats and snacks for rodents, we offer you a selection of the most natural and delicious, where you can find some delicious prizes that will delight your little friend.

Here you can find delicious varied recipes and original textures. The natural ingredients are selected for their palatability, where you can find ingredients as varied as: alfalfa, carrot, beet, flax and parsley, corn.

Treats for rodents must contain no added sugar and no colorants?artificial . Its crunchy texture that contributes to wear down the teeth to the regulation of dental units and its fibers help to improve digestive transit.

They are acts for all kinds of rodents such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs or chinchillas.

Treats for rodents provide essential nutrients in the diet of your rodents.

These delicious snacks are ideal for taking care of health, being a complementary food with essential nutrients incorporating vitamins and proteins into the diet of your pets.