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Taste of The Wild dog food is formulated without grains, with potatoes and peas, highly digestible for your dog, with fruits and vegetables, provides an abundance of natural antioxidants.

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Taste of The Wild food for adult dogs and puppies.

It is one of the best dog foods that can be found right now in grain-free markets, classified as a 5-star feed .

With a wide range to meet all the needs of your pet's stage and with a variety of flavors such as Lamb, bison, salmon or duck.

You can also find a Taste Of The Wild for Cat

Now we can get the best food for our dog with the wide variety of feed from the renowned Taste of The Wild brand . It is a very complete food for dogs of any age. Its varied food menu is made with top quality ingredients and offers a pleasant flavor and the most important vitamins. All this can be purchased at Mascota Planet at the best price.

The main characteristic of Taste of the Wild feed is that it has been made in total harmony with nature, since it contains protein sources that do not include cereals . That is why Taste of The Wild feed strengthens and promotes the health and vitality of pets . And it is that it is a very natural food and that, due to its ultra -premium quality, is highly recommended by experts in canine nutrition . To which is added that Taste of The Wild products offer a wide variety of flavors such as lamb, salmon, turkey, quail or duck.