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Dog stuffed animals are the most popular toys among pets. They are soft, they do not dirty, they can be easily washed, they are resistant and they accompany you everywhere you go. Dog stuffed animals must be resistant to withstand the continuous nibbling of our pets. At Mascota Planet we know this and that is why we have selected from our catalog the most successful toys for dogs and stuffed animals for pets in the animal world. With these toys you help keep your dog entertained and your dog happy for a long time.

Dog toys and stuffed animals are available in many sizes and colors for all tastes. It is a way of having a toy at home that dogs usually use at times of the day when they are calmer or, on the contrary, to calm down when they need to burn energy. All our stuffed animals for dogs and pets are made with resistant, non-toxic materials. You just have to choose the one you like the most.