Water heaters for reptiles, terrariums

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We offer a wide variety of water heaters to adapt to the temperature that our reptile needs, its habitat or turtle tank. The best brands available to our pet.

The heater is an essential element for reptiles that need water for their survival, since we need the water to be at a higher temperature than usual, especially in the seasons of the year when the heat does not help to heat the water .

Different formats of heaters with fixed temperatures or also variables by regulator or thermostat, to have a better control of the temperature that our reptile or turtle's water must reach.

We have different heaters with more or less power, we must choose them according to the volume of water to be heated, although if we have a container or turtle tank with a very large volume, it would be necessary to use several heaters so that we can maintain the same temperature in all the areas alike.

Let's not forget that in addition to the ideal temperature, the water must also have adequate levels of cleanliness and filtering .